Show Out Professional Resume Services, a professional resume writing and career service, providing the very best in professional resume preparation since 1998. SOPRS provides complete professional resume preparation services, and also offers cover letters, salary histories, reference lists, and other documents to facilitate a successful job search personalized for just for “you”.

How a Resume Service Can Help? We have found that many of our clients are not capable of composing a resume that adequately highlights their abilities. They usually have problems drawing out their strengths and matching them with what employers are looking for. Organizational, teamwork, communication skills …everyones resume says that. What makes your resume any different for a hiring manager to want to speak to you further? Very often, I have had clients contact me with a resume they themselves composed which did not get results in the job market. After working with them to restructure their resume – incorporating and illustrating viable skills and utilizing more professional jargon – the difference in the number of interviews offered has been notably significant. Remember, also, you need a strong targeted cover letter to complement and frame the resume in a manner that makes it seem like the job description was written just for you. The three key elements in choosing a resume writing service are: capabilities and experience, cost, and the “personal touch.”

Invest in yourself & get the Competitive Edge you “will” need in today’s job market. It is no longer a luxury to have an outstanding, professionally written resume but essential to your individual success and career. You should also consider that most of our clients have more than one resume highlighting different aspects of their experience, education, background, etc. therefore increasing their chances of landing the perfect job. Or any job in general. Think about it.

Personalized One on One Service

Everything at SOPRS is done with extreme excellence by a Certified Professional Resume Writer before it leaves our office. Our company has been providing the finest in recruitment services & professional resume writing for over fifteen years. As an expert in our field of recruitment we have prepared literally 1000’s of resumes for several different clients in ever industry across the board for high school and college internship programs thru VPs and CEOs. Our resumes get the only thing that matters – interviews! Our company is adept in preparing resumes which emphasizes all the “key” attributes for individual clients need, and we have a proven track-record in developing resumes and professionals which present this information in a very focused and concise manner while applying and interviewing. After resume production, we also conduct an additional mock interview to help you understand each individual attribute of your resume to make certain you know how best to present that different highlights to employers while interviewing by telephone or in-person.

All Professions and Career Levels

Once you have completed you the SOPRS “Resume Services Questionnaire” a Certified Professional Resume Writer will be in contact with you immediately to further discuss the direction of your career with each individual client; ensuring our resumes are always personalized for your individual industry at every career level. We write every resume to show growth and promotion throughout your career path. From entry-level to executive, we work with people from all walks of life, and prepare resumes from very simple, one-page documents to extensive executive & highly technical resumes and CV’s. No resume fits all, and SOPRS is adept in matching the resume with the specific needs and background of each client. It is that personal touch which sets our company apart from most other resume services. The fact that we have been in the recruitment industry on both sides; employer and employee for over 15 years certifies all our work ensures the highest in quality for a very competitive rate.

Services Provided On-Site, Or On-Line

While we do provide on-site services, SOPRS specializes in working with clients throughout the nation and internationally at times. We introduced a “Resume By Phone” program as a local business in 2000, and have developed an ability to prepare exceptional resumes without us having to make a personal meeting with our clients unless needed. Since going national in 2001, we have prepared resumes for clients in all fifty states, as well as worked extensively with international clients in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Philippines and Asia. Our reputation for creating exceptional, results-oriented resumes is unmatched in the field, keeping us consistently in demand from discerning professionals who want the very best career services possible for an affordable price.